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About Us

General Manager / Shujaa Bin Yahya AL Musleh & Our Team

About General Manager

Engr / Shujaa Bin Yahya AL Musleh

Certificates :
Holds a master’s degree in urban planning engineering from King Faisal University in
Dammam in 1993,he also holds a bachelor’s degree in urban app to track phoneplanning from the
united states in 1982 .
Practical experience and positions:
Former Dammam Deputy Mayor For Municipalities Affairs in The Eastern Province
Amanah and a Director of five muncipalities in the region {AI Qat if – Jubail – Ras Tanura – Saihat- Anak ).

Technical Experience:
Supervising of Riyadah water supply networks (main -secondary) and Connecting
to desalinated sweet water between the year of 1982 till 1985 .
Supervision of Qateef urban zone plan at 1987 .
Supervision of execution of Qateef corniche works at 1996.
Supervision of Ras Tanurah corniche development at 1999 .
Supervision of Jubail corniche development at 2002 .
Supervision of G.I.S plan for Jubail city at 2004.
Supervision of Dammam Met ropolitan Urban Master Plan at 2008 .
Supervision of G.I.S. plan for Dammam Metropolitan at 2010.
Supervision of Urban Regional Plan for Eastern Province at 2012.
Supervision of urban Guideline Plan for the Cities of Hafr AI Batin, Khafjy,
Jubail, Nuearyah, Abqaiq, AI Qaryah, AI Sadawi, AI Suayrah at 2011.
Supervision of Hafr AI Batin storm water study 2012.
Supervision of Dammam russian brides.com Metropolitan Building Regulations and Codes.
Supervision of municipalities in Eastern Province on Infrastructure and faci lities.
Constructing of test labs for the municipality to maintain projects quality control.
lnitiating and Supervising the I. scope project follow up program.
Constructing the survey map for the Cit ies from Jubail north to Abqaiq South in Eastern.

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